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Industrial strength screen protection for all electronic devices 

Unique Gel-core rugged technology.

Laser cut any size up to 28" inch

  • protects from scratches and impact damage

  • keeps your devices operational & ensures business continuity

  • reduces warranty liabilities, protects your investment & reduces repair costs

  • eliminates revenue loss caused by screen damage

  • allows maintenance of Service Level Agreements with your customers

  • provides a valuable additional revenue stream for distributors and resellers

How will Tuffscreen help your business?

Tuffscreen's industrial strength rugged screen protectors act to prevent all business losses caused by screen damage

Reduces costs of device downtime

Prolongs the life of your devices

Helps eliminate repair costs

Enhances robustness of devices

How Does
Tuffscreen Work?

hard coated anti-glare film

Scratch resistant

Chemical resistant

Abrasion resistant

water-clear gel which acts as:

Shock and impact absorber


Multi-layered screen protection technology

Maximum protection for your screen

Dissipating force of impact

Tuffscreen screen protectors use our purpose designed Gelcore multi-layer technology; a hard coated scratch-proof anti-glare film bonded onto our unique specially formulated gel layer which acts as the shock absorber and self adhesive.