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Case Studies

HJ Weir use Tuffscreen as standard

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Customer; HJ Weir Engineering Co Ltd, Ross Weir (Managing Director).


HJ Weir invest in Tuffscreens to maintain their machinery operation.


HJ Weir Engineering Co Ltd have added Tuffscreen screen protectors to their product portfolio of world-leading laundry machinery in order to maintain the operating interface between user and machine. Their equipment is used across the world and the company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of flatwork finishing equipment.


As the machines have developed and become increasingly technically advanced and computer operated to improve the output, the control panel and display units have become increasingly important to the usability of the equipment and are now vital in reporting and monitoring performance, rates of flow, diagnosing stoppages or faults, and identifying service and maintenance requirements. With an exposed touchscreen now vital in the machinery the decision to protect it became one of utmost importance.


Ross Weir, Managing Director, said of the decision to deliver Tuffscreen with the machinery; “For us it was a very simple one indeed. The screens are increasingly important to the machinery, which is vital to our customers, who are our primary concern. Tuffscreens are an excellent “preventative” tool fitted on to all H J Weir machines as a standard feature”. Ross states that the prime reason for including Tuffscreens on all machines is that Weir understand that the harsh and fast moving environment within a busy laundry can present problems such as laundry cages ramming into the machines thus possibly smashing the screen and instigating costs involved with both machine downtime and having to replace the smashed screen. Using a Tuffscreen eliminates the possibility of screens being smashed which is hugely advantageous to the customer’s operational costs.


We haven’t observed a single screen that we have had protected with a Tuffscreen enduring any damage and that’s something we have rigorously “tried” to attempt whilst carrying out our pre-approval testing at Weir HQ!


Also known as the “originators of flatwork handling technology” HJ Weir have been providing separating, feeding, ironing, folding and stacking solutions globally for over 55 years processing sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases, table linen, napkins, towels and blankets. Our many years of experience coupled with innovative design and one of the most advanced yet simple control system makes us an unrivalled leader for the industrial and commercial laundry sector.


Tuffscreen screen protectors are a purpose-designed industrial strength screen protection solution. They have been deployed on a wide range of devices across multiple markets from travel and hospitality retail, in-store retail, distribution and logistics operations, law and parking enforcement, schools, manufacturing and processing facilities, civil engineering and construction, and many more. They are made from an impact absorbing gel layer which is chemically bonded to a scratch and abrasion-resistant hard sheet which helps to eliminate all causes of screen damage. They are custom-cut for each device to ensure a consistently high quality product.


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Further details on the product can be found at www.tuffscreen.com, by emailing info@tuffscreen.com or by calling 0117 9696555.


Home Retail Group deploy Tuffscreens to ensure vital delivery hardware is protected.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Home Retail Group plc is one of the UK's leading home and general merchandise retailers and is the parent company of leading retailers Argos and Homebase.

As part of an Argos project to modernise their internal delivery operations from distribution centres to store and onwards to their customers they made the decision to replace their existing mobile devices with electronic proof of delivery (ePoD) devices and satellite navigation (sat-nav) devices.  The ePoD hardware enables deliveries to be detailed, barcode scanned and tracked to provide up-to-date location information, and customers’ signatures captured to provide the company with delivery information to be used to assist with reporting and process improvements.  The sat-navs on the other hand operate to guide the vehicles to their destinations on an efficient and direct route whilst at the same time tracking vehicle location, law-enforced driver breaks, and driver behaviour, to help to monitor fuel and vehicle use in order that savings may be made.

The screens of both these devices are their major, and in the sat-nav’s case only, data input and output interface and their continued unblemished operation is of paramount importance in order that operators can track deliveries, accept signatures and navigate the roads of Britain successfully.  Sharon Cartwright, the project manager charged with ensuring that these devices met with the right performance criteria of operation and reliability, was keen to ensure that these heavily-used devices remained in operation throughout their lifespan and beyond so as to maximise return on investment.  Reducing operating costs of the devices is also important, so any way of reducing damages and therefore costs of repair and downtime is readily adopted.  Not only will reducing damage improve the productivity of the device itself and the device user, but it will also result in reduced warranty and service contract bills as the warranty provider exposes themselves to reduced liabilities from their contract.

Tuffscreen screen protectors are a purpose-designed industrial strength screen protection solution.  They are made from an impact absorbing gel layer which is chemically bonded to a scratch and abrasion-resistant hard sheet which helps to eliminate all causes of screen damage.  They are custom-cut for each device to ensure a consistently high quality product. 

The screens of these devices is the most important and often most fragile part of it, and in order to eliminate damage to these devices Sharon decided to invest in Tuffscreen screen protectors. Sharon says; “I was very impressed with Tuffscreen’s screen protectors form the outset.  Their rugged look and feel does not inhibit the screen operation in any way, either visually or in terms of touch response for data input, whether this is via finger or stylus.  Tuffscreen were able to be very flexible and responsive to our demands, delivering in multiple batches to assist with our device rollout, and they’ve represented an excellent investment as we’ve not seen a single device with a damaged screen!”

These devices represent a significant initial investment and are vital for the daily workflow of hundreds of people and thousands of deliveries.  The costs of deployment of such an estate are a major capital outflow and ensuring that they remain in working order is of paramount importance to ensure customer service standards are met and deliveries are made as scheduled, and to ensure costs of vehicles are controlled so as maintain Argos’ profit levels, assisting with their competitiveness in an ever-increasingly competitive high street environment.

WHSmith invest in Tuffscreens

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WHSmith invest in Tuffscreens to safeguard their estate of 1100 in-store tablets.


With over 600 stores on the high street and over 600 stores at airports, train stations, hospitals and motorway services, WHSmith is one of the UK's leading retail groups.


As part of an ongoing business programme to improve store efficiency, WH Smith, during 2014, launched HP Elitepad tablets across all of their High Street stores. The purpose of this roll-out has been to improve the mobility in store freeing up managers and staff from fixed PC terminals and improving service through the ability to spend more time on the sales floor.


As with any significant technological investment, especially those involving portable electronic devices in a high intensity usage retail environment, WHSmith had concerns over the potential for damage and the associated costs, not to mention the impact of device down-time and lost productivity. In order to reduce this risk as much as possible the devices were specified with HP’s rugged cases which offer a high degree of protection to the tablet, however as with most cases this still left the most vulnerable area, the screen, at risk.


Despite searching for a solution to this risk none was immediately evident in the market until they met Tuffscreen.


A purpose-designed industrial strength screen protector, Tuffscreen consists of an impact absorbing gel layer chemically bonded to a scratch and abrasion-resistant hard sheet which helps to eliminate all causes of screen damage.  It is custom-made for each device and case, so WHSmith was able to specify a bespoke configuration which fitted precisely to the case that they had invested in. 


Serena Davis, Store Operations Development Manager said, “Tuffscreen screen protectors are an integral part of our device protection portfolio.  With any such large-scale investment in in-store technology, we are committed to the safeguarding and maintenance of the device estate, and Tuffscreen screen protectors are the perfect accompaniment to the rugged cases that we’ve deployed.”


Steve Wood, Operations Director said, “We have been very impressed with the innovative product and unique performance of Tuffscreen screen protectors.  Their ability to deliver a bespoke item on time and on budget for such an important project, made them an obvious choice. The solution is very cost effective, massively reducing damage rates for a fraction of the cost of repair or replacement.  The investment in Tuffscreen has been very worthwhile, we were even so impressed with the product we’ve used them on our company mobile phones as well!”

Sky College protect their learning assets with Tuffscreen screen protectors.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Customer; Sky College - Taunton (Richard Berry, Headteacher).

Sky College protect their learning assets with Tuffscreen screen protectors.


Sky College is a specialist educational provision for young people with complex social, emotional and learning difficulties.  Based in Taunton, Somerset, it offers residential facilities as well as day-school for the full range of secondary school ages and has recently received a very encouraging OFSTED report detailing numerous improvements in the achievements of its pupils; so much so that it is now working to promote their practices throughout other schools in Somerset.

Electronic devices are forming an ever-increasingly important part of the learning asset base in all schools, and Sky College is no different.  As part of that asset investment they have recently acquired an estate of Apple iPad devices to complement their existing range of desktop PCs.  These devices are used on a daily basis and are shared throughout the school, so a broken or out-of-use device would negatively impact several pupils’ learning experience before the bell had rung at the end of the day which far outweighs the potentially high monetary costs of replacement or repair. 

Screen protection specialists Tuffscreen were contacted to provide a solution especially with regards the iPads which, as tablets, are inherently more at risk as they can be dropped by pupils or fall more easily from desks or shelves.  Tuffscreen was quickly able to source a case that safeguards the iPad with a convenient magnetic closure and strong, reinforced corners to protect the device from unwitting drops.  In tandem with the rugged case, Tuffscreen’s bespoke screen protector design enabled Sky College to fully protect the entire device from most causes of damage.  Tuffscreens were also deployed on the desktop PCs to offer an additional level of protection for these valuable assets. With the iPads alone costing upwards of £600 each, and the PC monitors costing the same, the protective investment with Tuffscreen came to less than 10% of the asset purchase cost and represents enormous value to Sky College in terms of keeping the devices operational for their pupils.

Headteacher Richard Berry added:  “Working in the environment we do small triggers can lead to big temper outbursts. This can result in things being damaged. In the past screens have been punched and tablets thrown. Having overhauled our ICT with new iPads and PCs we felt it important to try and safeguard these items by spending a bit more on Tuffscreen. To say we have been delighted by the protection offered is an understatement. Since we went with Tuffscreen on all our devices we have had zero damage in relation to screens, whilst maintaining all functionality. This was a seriously good investment as we have probably already saved our money.”

Euro Car Parks continue to use Tuffscreen screen protectors to reduce device downtime

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Euro Car Parks have been utilizing the Tuffscreen screen protection solution for over three years and have saved countless hours and thousands of pounds as a result.  They employ a large fleet of the Casio IT3000 device which is used by their employees to monitor a vehicle’s parking payment, to write tickets, and to take penalty payments, all of which combine to provide Euro Car Parks with an enormous amount of data and revenue.


Euro Car Parks had found that their employees were using items other than the specified stylus in order to input data onto the touchscreen of the device.  Items such as pens, keys and other sharp implements were being used and were rapidly damaging the touchscreens, rendering the devices inoperable and causing the loss of revenue and productivity, as well as costing the company thousands of pounds in repair costs alone.


Euro Car Parks is internationally renowned for its first class parking services, instantly recognisable and highly respected brand, outstanding customer service and market leading expertise. Founded in 1976, ECP employs 1000+ staff and operates over 750 car parks across the UK, Ireland and Europe, assisting 500,000 motorists a day.

Due to the high levels of damage to the touchscreens of the devices and the high costs associated with this, Euro Car Parks have fitted their entire fleet of devices with the Tuffscreen screen protection solution.  Whilst their operatives are still inclined to use a variety of implements on the screens, the Tuffscreens at least provide a very low cost solution to the problem by acting as a sacrificial layer which can be easily removed and replaced when it has suffered too much damage.  Far better this happen however than the screens of the device get damaged and cause expensive downtime and repair costs.


ECP provides on and off street parking management, in both the public and private sector. From 1 to 2000+ parking spaces, we manage and operate car parks for local and public authorities, airports, railway stations, retail and leisure parks, supermarkets, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, institutional leasing of multi-storey car parks, basement, surface and rooftop structures, as well as our own leased and owned sites. ECP ensures a professional, value for money and tailor-made service suiting our client’s requirements, regardless of the size and nature of the operation.  They operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and the handheld Casio IT3000 is vital for their data and revenue collecting abilities.

When Burnetts realised they were spending £3500 every time a screen got damaged, they knew Tuffscreen was the answer!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Burnetts Manufacturing Ltd - Case study for Tuffscreen Screen Protection Ltd.

Tuffscreen screen protectors have saved Burnetts Manufacturing Ltd at least £7000 since we began working with them in October 2013.  Having already damaged two touch panels at a repair cost of £3500 each, resulting in productive downtime and delays to customers, they made the decision to deploy Tuffscreen screen protectors which have completely eliminated all cases of accidental damage quickly and easily.  This has saved them several thousand pounds in the cost of repairs and the cost of machinery downtime.  

Burnetts is a technical rubber moulding specialist, providing the complete solution for rubber, thermoplastic and silicone component requirements for companies such as Enersys, Jaguar, Land Rover, Pampers and BP. Burnetts design, manufacture and assemble more than 150 million parts every year. They produce high volumes of rubber & silicone parts in a very short time scale while still maintaining a zero defect policy.

Martin Pearce, Operations Manager at Burnetts, said "Using Tuffscreen screen protectors has completely eliminated the causes of damage to our touch panels, therefore maintaining our productive capacity, and for a fraction of the price of each breakage.  There are visible marks on some of the screen protectors, so they are definitely doing their job!"

In the case of Burnetts, as with several of our satisfied customers, it was the human user interaction that was at fault.  By using items such as pens, knives, tool-box tools or other implements to tap data into the touch screens, over time they were causing frequent minor damage to the screens.  This minor damage becomes a major problem when the touch panel of the display reads a small nick or dent as a "touch", and therefore moves the cursor to that point the whole time, rendering the touch panel inoperable. 

Due to relatively minor damage each time, Burnetts were forced to replace two of their touch panels at great expense.  Each touch panel replacement, in parts and labour alone, cost them in the region of £3500, not to mention the rapidly spiralling costs of stopping the production line to work on the machinery, which then impacted upon their ability to deliver to their customers.  In fact, Burnetts have protected their whole fleet of touch panels for less than £600.  They have protected their screens, and eliminated repeat damage, for less than 9% of the repair costs of the damage they had previously experienced, not to mention the savings made in machinery uptime and productivity.

In this particular case, the touch panels are integrated into the production line machinery and are vital for both its overall operation and for the display and input of operating data.  As with many electronic devices, these screens act as the communications interface between the machine and device, and its human user.

Burnett's modern, highly-efficient rubber moulding machines, fully automated manufacturing processes and automated checking systems ensure that they not only deliver on the promise of excellence but also keep their customer's costs as low as possible.

Lothian and Borders Police has taken delivery of special screen protectors from Maxatec for the force’s entire 2000 Bluebird Pidion BM-170 PDAs.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Tuffscreen Screen Impact Protector further enhances the robustness and utility of the mobile devices supplied by Maxatec that the force uses as its paperless system for frontline policing. Tuffscreen minimises screen breakages and provides tactile response, sensitivity and visual clarity, thereby becoming an integral part of the screen rather than a typical aftermarket stick on accessory.With such a large fleet of PDAs in the field, the force wants to maximise their use and benefits, therefore it is imperative that as few devices as possible suffer breakages. Plus, with Tuffscreen the force is able to avoid the labour and parts costs associated with repairing broken screens, which could be as much as £500 plus the impact of downtime on productivity and the force’s real-time electronic data management system.

What is Tuffscreen?

Tuffscreen is a unique retrofit screen-protection system that is compatible for use with all types of mobile hardware, including those with resistive touchscreens. It is a dual-layer screen protector that provides impact and scratch resistance, while reducing glare. It comprises a hard-coated film bonded to a colourless, transparent gel that provides shock absorption and self-adhesion to the device screen. Tests by the manufacturer show that the user-friendly product improves screen ruggedness and prevents damage when a 70g weight is dropped onto the screen from as high as six feet. Unlike traditional screen protectors that need changing on a regular basis as they eventually scratch and become dull due to wear and tear, Tuffscreen is intended as a fit and forget product that gives years of service before replacement. The force is pleased with the protectors as it gives peace of mind when using the PDAs it so carefully and rigorously researched before purchasing.

“Tuffscreen is an excellent product for our PDAs. Maxatec demonstrated how it would be a perfect match for our demanding frontline work with the devices. We understand that Maxatec has used it in other challenging applications, including on handheld terminals used by airlines. We looked at other products but nothing meets the same specification of Tuffscreen, enabling the touchscreens to work as they should, reduce the glare of LCD and provide such a high level of protection,” says Tom Muir, Mobile Data Manager, Lothian and Borders Police.

Policing with the Pidion

The decision to select the Pidion BM-170 from Maxatec followed many months of searching for a cost effective, fully featured, semi-rugged PDA that can withstand the day-to-day requirements of frontline police officers. The PDA has 3.5 in VGA screen and runs Kelvin Connect’s special PRONTO electronic pocket notebook software that allows officers to take handwritten notes and statements. The officers use the PDAs to gather and re-use information in the street and simply download it on return to the police station, which reduces paperwork and maximises efficiency as the information comes from the device. The PDA’s semi-rugged design ensures multiple 1.5m drops to ground and the LCD screen is crack-resistant. It offers a range of connectivity and communications features including Bluetooth Class II v2.0+EDR, HSDPA (3.5G), WiFi and A-GPS for accurate and high-speed data communication. It also has a 3 Megapixel autofocus camera, large memory capacity and Maxatec offers the option of a 3,200 mAh extended battery for continuous long use before recharging.