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Mobility & protection solutions for all devices. 

Maximise device and employee productivity.

Available from most industry distributors & re-sellers.

screen protectors in action
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  • Maximise the productivity of your devices.

  • Keep your devices operational & ensure business continuity.

  • Reduce warranty liabilities, protect your investment & reduce repair costs.

  • Eliminate revenue loss.

  • Improve customer engagement and contact time.

  • Deliver more to your customers.

How can Tuffscreen help your business?


We are an enterprise mobility solutions specialist with a proven history of protecting devices,improving device and employee productivity and enhancing the revenue-earning capability of your device estate.

Enhance device productivity.


Eliminate costs of device downtime.

Prolong the life of your devices.





How Does
Tuffscreen Work?

hard coated anti-glare film


Scratch resistant

Chemical resistant

Abrasion resistant

water-clear gel which acts as:


Shock and impact absorber


Multi-layered screen protection technology


Maximum protection for your screen

Dissipating force of impact


Tuffscreen screen protectors use our purpose designed Gelcore multi-layer technology; a hard coated scratch-proof anti-glare film bonded onto our unique specially formulated gel layer which acts as the shock absorber and self adhesive.