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How to apply a screen protector to your mobile device

Monday, April 24, 2017



If you've equipped your remote workers with iPhones or tablets, you will want to protect your investment. The most effective way of doing so is by providing a robust case in which to keep the device and also by applying an adhesive, transparent screen protector to the screen.


An invisible screen protector prevents scratches and can also guard against cracking, should the device be dropped. Here’s a quick guide on how to apply your screen protector correctly so that it doesn’t end up with creases or bubbles.


Prepare the device


Prepare the device by removing any existing screen protector and taking off the case. Using a microfibre cloth, gently clean the glass screen so that any fingerprints and dust are removed.


Apply the screen protector


Now, take the screen protector out of its packaging and carefully peel away the backing, taking care not to touch the adhesive; it’s essential that you don’t get dust or fingerprints on to the sticky side of the protector.


Carefully align the screen protector with the edges of the device’s screen, holding it between your fingers at the very edges and ensuring that any cut-outs are properly lined up. Squeeze the protector with the non-sticky sides together so that just the central line of the adhesive side touches the device’s screen.


Carefully and slowly press the screen protector into position. Never try to put the whole thing on to the screen or you will end up with bubbles. Use a soft cloth to smooth over the screen protector from top to bottom, ensuring that any tiny creases or bubbles are removed by squeezing them towards the edges of the screen.


Finishing touches


Finally, peel away the film from the front of the screen protector to leave the device fully protected and ready to go. Polish the screen with a soft cloth and place the device back into its protective case.


You can protect your off-site employees' iPhones, tablets, and iPads from scratching and impact damage by applying a screen protector and investing in a good quality case. For more information and to browse our range of products, contact our helpful team at Tuffscreen today.



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