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How to incorporate employees' smartphones into your business

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Smartphones are a way of life, so there's no avoiding the fact that from time to time throughout the day your employees will take some time to catch up on their messages, browse the net or check their emails. As a business however, you could be using your workers smartphone usage to your advantage, which could give you the edge over some of your competitors.


Internal communications


Let's face it, most, if not all of your employees will be using a smartphone. With that in mind, you may wish to get your employees to download a communications app. Slack is one app that could work to your advantage as it has plenty of different channels for topics specifically related to work. By giving yourself the opportunity to instantly message employees or teams instantaneously, you can cut down your internal emails by up to a half.


By cutting down emails, you are allowing your employees to be more productive. You'd be surprised just how many company emails are internal, so it could result in a faster workforce. It will also ensure that nobody misses a meeting or an important update because they 'didn't see the email'. You could even use apps that most of your employees will use everyday such as Skype chat or Whatsapp to send your team messages.


Improved collaboration


Having better internal communication means your collaboration is also improved. With a huge selection of smartphone apps designed to facilitate teamwork, you could be using smartphones to make working as part of a team easier than ever. Google Docs on smartphones is a great example of this as it enables all your employees to read and update spreadsheets, word documents, presentations and more. Smartphones are also great if you have creative aspects to your business such as graphic design. Allowing employees to share designs that they find inspirational, such as ones found on Instagram posts or online advertisements, could boost creativity which is vital when working on a collaborative project.


There are also a number of facility management apps you could be using to your advantage. These include employee directories that are cloud-based which will help your employees to confirm their location if they're remote workers, along with confirming the availability of resources such as meeting rooms.


If you're thinking about incorporating your employees' smartphones into the day to day operations of your business, then you may want to make sure the smartphones are protected. Get in contact with Tuffscreen to see how we can help you protect one of your company's most valuable assets.



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