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Three security steps to help protect your business

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


A secure, well-protected business could be the difference between success and failure. What are the best ways of going about it?


1. Encourage employees to activate two-factor authentication


Commonly abbreviated to 2FA, two-factor authentication acts as a second stage in your login procedure. After you’ve typed in your password, you’ll need to pass the second step before you can log in. This effectively heightens the security on your device.


This second stage of authentication can come in various forms. It might be a fingerprint, a pin code or something physical like a fob.


The second level of authentication reduces the chances of your smartphone being compromised by a cyber-criminal. It doesn’t guarantee total security but it certainly deters criminals as it requires extra effort on their part to break down your security.


Although it isn’t 100% proof against attacks, 2FA will reduce the chance of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Anyone working outside of the office, be it on the road, in the field or at home, presents a higher risk to businesses.


2. Ensure field workers' phones and devices are protected


With an increasing number of businesses allowing remote working, it's important to ensure your business stays as secure as it can. Technology is a fantastic tool to increase flexibility for workers, but it does mean that businesses surrender control to their employees as they can't monitor what they're doing.


Many companies are effective at providing high security to office workers but don’t provide the same for remote workers. This means there’s more chance of remote workers running risks outside an office environment. They might smash their phone more easily if they're rushing around. A simple solution is to install Tuffscreen's multi-layer screen protector. Fewer broken phones; higher profits.


3. Secure WiFi


Many WiFi networks are unsecured but easily accessible. Provide your employees with formal training on the use of WiFi networks. Even if they've just nipped around the corner to grab a cup of coffee, they might log in on an unsecured network to check their emails. While this is diligent behaviour from an employee, they might be running a risk they're not aware of.


So, in conclusion, follow these three simple steps. Make 2FA obligatory, install screen protection on employees' phones and educate your employees about WiFi. If your employees are protected, your business is protected.

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