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Why you should invest in company phones

Monday, May 22, 2017

Many businesses in the modern era require their employees to use smartphones. From sales executives, who are frequently on the road, to tech support gurus or high-level management - a mobile phone helps them to do their job effectively.


A good number of these employees currently use their own smartphones for company use, but is this really the best option for them, and for your business?


It might be worth investing in company phones for those employees who regularly need to be contacted outside of the office, or need to be reached quickly, and here are few reasons why.


1. Security


Giving employees a company mobile phone can help you to keep information safe. Personal-use phones are often connected to company email accounts, databases and the cloud. While it's true that a company phone would also be connected to these things, it shouldn't be connected to any personal accounts as well. This division of work and personal could prevent things such as phishing scams, spyware and malware from being installed as a result of actions taken on personal accounts (such as from junk emails or non-work websites). It also allows you to impose rules on the security of the device itself, so that poor security options on a personal phone (such as fingerprint recognition, password and pattern entry) don't put your company information at risk.


2. Control


Giving your employees their own company phone, not to be used for personal calls, texts or browsing, allows you to control the price you pay. Some employers will reimburse their staff for mobile phone use when they are required to use their personal phone for work purposes. Depending on what tariff they are on, what price plan they have and which supplier they are with, it might work out cheaper to buy your own contract for them (especially if international calls are made, or calls originating outside of the UK).


3. Necessity


It may be necessary to provide an employee with a company phone if they don't already own a mobile phone with the capabilities that are required for your business. If they are forced to upgrade, and the costs are more than they would usually incur for personal use, you may have to pay anyway.


It's also worth noting that if an employee doesn't take adequate care with their phone, they might be unreachable at crucial times. Giving them a company phone, along with adequate protection - such as Tuffscreen screen protectors - can help reduce downtime and possibly lost profits.


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