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Mobility solutions


WE are a leading provider of protection, mobility and charging solutions designed to keep your devices operating for longer.

We manufacture and supply a range of products designed to enhance your mobile device estate.  


How we help your business

  • Screen protectors with a 100% record!

    We have protected over 10,000 screens globally and have never suffered a broken one...

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  • Keep your devices fully charged at all times:

    We supply a range of charging solutions from cabinets to cases for all mobile devices...

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  • Cases and protection solutions for all devices:

    Eliminate the costs of repair and the losses incurred due to downtime while reducing your warranty liabilities...

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How it Helps!



Device downtime, in terms of lost productivity, lost revenue and interruption to operations.

Repairs, in terms of parts, labour, and transport.

Customer satisfaction, in terms of work not being done or missed targets in Service Level Agreements.


Is there a cost effective solution to this potentially expensive problem?

Tuffscreen is a unique multi-layer screen protector for all mobile and electronic devices and the product has a massive range of applications, currently including the warehousing, logistics, distribution, on-board retail, parking enforcement, meter reading, utilities, engineering and mining sectors amongst others.

By virtually eliminating screen damage to the devices on which businesses rely they reduce repair costs, prevent interruption to business operations, and help to eliminate the costs of unit downtime such as lost productivity, lost revenue, missed service level agreements therefore ultimately maintaining both revenue earning capability and service provision to customers.

In addition to these benefits for end users, many device manufacturers, distributors and resellers have found value in offering Tuffscreen screen protectors to their customers as an additional revenue earner and as a method of reducing service contract and warranty liabilities. It is a product that is applicable to all levels of the supply chain for electronic devices due to its unique value proposition and operational protection capabilities.


Why is Tuffscreen financially beneficial for your business?

Replacement screens for electronic devices often cost over £100 and some bespoke applications cost over £5,000 each. Once the costs of repair are accounted for, along with the lost productivity and lost revenue resulting from screen damage, the value of screen protection becomes very clear indeed.

Tuffscreen screen protectors represent a very low-cost and therefore high value solution to what could quickly become a very expensive problem for your business, as well as providing the opportunity for earning additional revenue through re-sales.

Tuffscreen impact protectors are a cheap solution to an expensive problem when the costs of device repair plus downtime are accounted for.

We are currently developing an anti-microbially treated Tuffscreen for use in medical and multi-user settings See our latest news (button).

We are currently developing a Tuffscreen for prolonged outdoor use See our latest news (button).


Our products;

We manufacture and supply a range of products for all the devices on which your business relies.  Whilst off-the shelf solutions exist, Tuffscreen products are made to order to ensure that they fit accurately and consistently to your individual device.

We custom-design our screen protectors to fit any device up to 28” diagonal, and to fit within housings, bevels, cases and accessories. Our cases and charging solutions are purpose-designed to deliver the maximum charging efficiency whether on the move or back at base meaning your devices are always charged and ready for use.



  • Screen protectors for all devices

  • Charging cases with additional batteries

  • Rugged protective cases

  • Bespoke and off-the-shelf options

  • Multi-dock charging cradles

  • Charging cabinets

  • In-vehicle mounts



Tuffscreen products have been deployed in a wide variety of different work environments and we have enhanced the mobile devices for organisations in multiple industry sectors.

Warehousing, distribution,

delivery, logistics

Retail operations, Parking

and law enforcement

Utility companies,

meter reading


building contracting



  • Honeywell
  • Intermec
  • Motorola
  • Casio
  • Datalogic
  • Touchstar
  • Verifone
  • Belgravium
  • Advantech
Tuffscreen Devices


How much do Tuffscreen products cost?

Customers have proven that Tuffscreen products are a low-cost solution to device mobility issues.  By keeping devices operational and fit for purpose, our products make your devices work harder for longer.


Tuffscreen pricing depends on the device and purchase volume.  Please get in touch and let us know your requirements.


For more information please contact us;


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How to Purchase our products

Please get in touch to discuss your device protection requirements. If you would like to purchase the product for either your devices or those of your customers, please contact us directly.


We have a growing network of distributors and resellers who supply every segment of the enterprise market. If you can make a strong business case for becoming a Tuffscreen distributor or reseller then please get in touch.