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Tuffscreen Application Instructions


Use the enclosed wet wipe (Wipe 1) on the screen of your device to clear any dust, dirt, smears or fingerprints.


Immediately use the dry wipe (Wipe 2) on the screen of your device to leave the screen clean and residue free.


Peel back one corner of the backing sheet from the Tuffscreen, taking care not to touch the exposed self-adhesive side.


Carefully place the peeled corner of the Tuffscreen into the corner of the screen of your device and lay the Tuffscreen down, removing the backing layer as you go.


Air bubbles can be smoothed out after application. A few small bubbles may be visible soon after fitting the protector but these will disappear after a short period of use.


Your screen is now protected!!

Support for Tuffscreen users

Tuffscreen screen protectors have been specially formulated to provide industrial strength protection to the touch panel and LCD screen of your device without impacting on performance. It will protect the touch panel, in particular, from excessive wear and tear and may prevent it and the LCD being damaged from impact events.

Please note that the Tuffscreen® protector will itself wear out with use and over time. To prolong its useful life, you should always maintain sensible working practices when operating the touch panel:


Ensure that a suitable stylus pen is used to operate the screen and that it is not broken or the tip roughened or sharpened.

Ensure that ballpoint pens, screwdrivers, and other unsuitable implements are not used to operate the touch panel.

The self adhesive layer leaves no residue should you choose to remove the Tuffscreen.

Check the screen protector from time to time to make sure it is adhering correctly to the screen, particularly around the edges. Smooth it back down if necessary or contact us for a replacement!