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Tuffscreen is a multi-layer screen protector developed to protect electronic displays without inhibiting their performance.

Tuffscreen in action

How it works

Multi-layered screen technology

Tuffscreen screen protectors use our purpose designed Gelcore multi-layer technology; a hard coated anti-glare film bonded onto our unique specially formulated gel layer which acts as both shock absorber and self adhesive.

Why multi-layer?

Multi layer technology enhances impact protection and shock absorption.  The multi layered construction dissipates impact energy into the flexible Gelcore material and away from the protected display. 
Tuffscreen enables a screen to withstand significantly higher impact energy than an unprotected screen.

The Testing Laboratory

The Three-point bend test

This machine tests the bend allowance of each slide by applying 20 Newtons of force to the center of the slide, and this test clearly shows that the glass slides protected by Tuffscreen can take more bending for the same amount of force applied.  Tuffscreen makes the glass more elastic, and allows it to take greater pressure and strain before breaking.

How 'Tuff' is Tuffscreen?

Testing the strength - the Drop tests

We tested Tuffscreen with two Drop tests.  The glass was protected by Tuffscreen from a 66g ball bearing being dropped from varying heights.  The same test was carried out using a 305g steel rod.  The results speak for themselves.  Tuffscreen significantly strengthens the screen of your device from impact damage.

Visual clarity 

This graph shows light absorption vs wavelength.  Across the visible spectrum Tuffscreen allows 99.9% of all light to be transferred and absorbs virtually nothing, meaning your display stays clear and vibrant.